Arantha: The Realms of Valor

Arantha: The Realms of Valor is a role-play required Multi-User-Dungeon (MUD) inspired by the Advanced Dungeons & Dragon 2nd ruleset. Set in the Empire of Shalizan at the end of a costly war between the living and the undead, Arantha features an entirely unique, fantasy-based campaign and thousands of custom rooms, mobs and game objects.

To create an account for Arantha, telnet or use your favorite MUD software to connect to port 4000.

New to MUDs and not sure where to begin? Read up on our Getting Started guide.

    Medieval Fantasy RP MUD

    • Original campaign with medieval fantasy influences.
    • Unique world of thousands of rooms, each with a one-of-a-kind description and lore.
    • A variety of playable races, each with their own distinctive background and history.

    Based on D&D 2nd Ed

    • Traditional round-based combat with queued actions and spell casting.
    • Spell memorization slot system for arcane and divine casters.
    • A unique system of class abilities, weaponry and skills.

    Original Features

    • Tactical room movement and interaction system.
    • Dynamic naming database - you choose what to call those you meet.
    • Randomly rolled treasure tables provide ever-changing monster loot.

    Arantha in the 21st century and beyond!

    We are up and running on our updated platform and are excited to share our new website with the world! This site is designed to be viewed both through a traditional web browser and with a handheld device, so we are finally entering the new century around here (even though it is only Year 154 in-game).

    We are working on getting the Players' Section of the site set back up (integrating our mud login with Drupal is a "fun" challenge), which will include histories, chronicles, info pages for each character under your account, and the private forums. Until this is ready to go, if you have any questions or comments about the game or the new site, please feel free to reach out to us any time, either by talking to a staff member in-game or contacting us through Twitter (@RealmsofValor).

    Under Construction

    It's our yearly website reboot time! Stay tuned for a new and exciting design with all the features! All of them.

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